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Can I Pest-Proof My Home To Prevent Summertime Bugs?

Posted on Jul 25, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

shutterstock_1934320958Summertime brings sunshine, poolside lounging, family vacations, and bug infestations. Warm weather may entice bugs that are already living in your home to come out but it also is breeding season for many creepy crawlies. Soon, you don’t just have a bug here and there after a big rain, you have constant six-legged roommates in every corner of your home. Protecting your home from summertime bugs starts with knowing which pests to keep an eye out for and how to prevent them from coming into your home.

Bugs that are more active in summertime use the heat and humidity as a sign to begin breeding at a more rapid rate than other times of the year. Insects like cockroaches, termites, and bed bugs will begin laying more eggs, causing a monsoon of pest problems for you and your family. Heat can actually speed up the incubation period for some insects, causing them to hatch quicker.

Ants can be around all year long but as soon as the winter stores are depleted, the ants are ready to start stocking up for the next winter. You may find them more frequently in your kitchen and bathroom looking for sugary spills or crumbs to take back to their mound.

Wasps seem to start building their nests in the corner of your porch or eaves as soon as there are a few warm days back to back. Wasps eat nectar so as soon as the flowers begin to bloom, you can see these stinging bugs buzzing around your yard.

Situations that draw bugs

As the world becomes alive again in the spring and summer months, summer bugs start coming out in droves. The spring showers can cause puddles and standing water that provides a perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes.

Damage to the roof or gutters over the winter may have gone unnoticed but now it is creating a situation that allows water to get into the house. Termites and ants need only a little water supply to sustain their colonies and any small leak or drip is all it takes to help them thrive.. Summer travel can spread bed bugs around to new places, allowing them to start new infestations wherever they land.

Controlling water outside and inside your home as well as taking extra precaution to wash clothes and bags after trips will help to reduce the chances of mosquitoes, ants, termites, and bed bugs from becoming a problem around your property. Keep an eye on typical places where wasps build nests so you can knock it down before new wasps hatch.

Filling in cracks and small holes or spaces around windows is an excellent way to keep the masses of bugs from entering your home. But, in many cases, if one bug gets inside, it can start laying eggs and soon you have an infestation on your hands. Getting a routine pest control inspection and treatment at the beginning and throughout the summer will help you to truly pest-proof your home this season.

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