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Choosing Pest Control Services In Bakersfield, CA

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 12:51:00 PM by Stephanie Morgan

Choosing Pest Control Services In Bakersfield, CA | San Joaquin Pest Control

Living in Bakersfield during the wintertime, it can be difficult to remember the pest problems of the summer. We’re experiencing such frigid and wet days, you’re probably wondering how anything manages to survive around here.

But that’s just a trick of the season. The truth is, most pests are merely dormant right now – they get cold just like the rest of us, so they don’t want to wander around. Rest assured that when the mercury rises, they’ll be back in full force. And when they do, we want you to be prepared to choose pest control services. Here’s what you need to know:

There’s no Yelp for this

When I want a restaurant recommendation in a new town, I immediately look to my Yelp app. It provides me instant reviews, tips and even user photos. However, there is no such site or app for pest control services.

But the internet can be helpful

Despite the lack of a central site, there are still reviews to be found online. Search the web for pest control services in your area, and then start checking out company web sites. If any specific pest company looks worthwhile, Google them specifically and search for reviews. Just remember that any online review should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s usually the disgruntled customer that feels inclined to leave a review.

Always meet with more than one company

There’s no standard rate for getting rid of any pest problem, so the price will vary by pest company. That’s one reason you should meet with at least a couple, so you can figure out about how much your pest problem should cost you. Secondly, you can get a good idea on the level of professionalism and expertise each company has. And finally, you’ll be able to ask for references; this isn’t necessary, but if you’d like some additional reassurance, it’s appropriate to ask.

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