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Do Pests Prefer Warm Weather?

Posted on May 17, 2017 3:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Do Pests Prefer Warm Weather? | San Joaquin Pest ControlWhat comes to mind when you think about warm weather? Things like summertime, swimming, and outside barbecues? These are just a few of the things you can enjoy outside once the warm weather arrives. But, the warm weather also seems to bring along an increase in pest activity. Do pest prefer warm weather or do we simply notice them more because we are spending more time outdoors?

Do pests prefer warm weather?

Pests respond to the changes in the weather in a variety of ways. When the weather cools off some pests die, others spend the winter in some type of shelter while some stay in an immature state of development until the weather thaws. One of the most problematic pests during the warmer months of the year-the mosquito-does a combination of these things during the winter. Some adult mosquitos spend the winter in an inactive state hidden from the weather and outside threats. Others survive the winter in a larval state by going into diapause, which is similar to hibernation. Some types of mosquitos lay eggs that are capable of handling the winter cold. The eggs remain dormant until the spring when the temperatures and rainfall reach an ideal level for them to thrive. When the weather is right all of the mosquitos emerge from their hiding places or commence maturation into adults. That is why it seems like the mosquitos disappear during the winter. There are a number of other pests that engage in one or more of these behaviors in order to make it to through the warmer months.

Are there pests that are problematic year-round?

Unfortunately, there are some types of pests that are relatively unaffected by the changes in temperatures. This means that they can cause you problems during any time of the year. Many of these types of pests spend the majority of their time in the controlled environment of you home. Common offenders include roaches, rodents, and bed bugs. These pests will not give you a reprieve during the winter months so it is important keep your guard up and continue to protect your home.

Is there anything I can do to prevent an increase in pest activity?

There are a few guidelines that you can follow to minimize an increase in bug activity during the warmer months. Mosquitos love standing water so be diligent about keeping standing water away from your home. Other types of pests are attracted to trash, debris, and food waste. Keep these things stored properly and away from your home so you do not unwittingly attract pests. Also, be sure and clean up right away after barbeques and any other outside event that involves food. Finally, you can have you home inspected and treated for pests on a regular schedule. Talk with your pest control professional about the best options for your area and your home.

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