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Is There Any Way to Completely Get Rid of Roaches?

Posted on Nov 21, 2018 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Is There Any Way to Completely Get Rid of Roaches? | San Joaquin Pest Control

No one wants a pest infestation in their home. Any type of pest invasion is frustrating and many types of pests can be difficult to eradicate. But, few pests are as notoriously difficult to completely eradicate as roaches. They can survive in extreme conditions and with limited provisions. Roaches prefer to spend their time in the shadows which can make it difficult to tell if you have completely eradicated an infestation. Plus, it can be difficult to get the treatment into all the crack and crevices where these pests may be hiding. It is possible to completely get rid of roaches but most homeowners need the help of a professional to make this a reality.

Roaches are difficult to eradicate

There are a number of seemingly tale tales surrounding the resilience of roaches. Have you heard that they can survive a nuclear bomb and go on living for weeks after losing their heads? These claims sound outlandish but they are actually based on some truth. Cockroaches scavenge for food and are not picky when it comes to what they are willing to eat. They will happily eat out of your garbage, feast on the crumbs on the floor, or eat the leftover scraps on the plates in the sink. If you inadvertently leave food packages opened inside your pantry you can count on roaches finding their way into those. Cockroaches are attracted to moist areas so they typically find the water they need near where they choose to reside. With this level of survival skills it makes sense that cockroaches are difficult to eradicate.

Roaches tend to stay out of sight

Roaches prefer to live in dark, moist, and warm places. This means that they are often lurking in the shadows, cracks, and crevices of your home. If you cannot see the totality of an infestation it is difficult to know for sure if you have completely eradicated it. When you happen to see a roach out in the open it is generally an indication of a severe infestation. You will have to look for other signs of these pests to ensure that you have successfully eradicated them from your home. Look for roach droppings under your sink and in the back corners of your cabinets. You can also have a professional inspect your home for any lingering signs of an infestation.

It is difficult to get to all the areas roaches may infest

Because roaches tend to stay out of sight it can be difficult to get chemical treatment to all the areas they infest. If you have sprayed for roaches but still have a problem then you may need to spray more thoroughly or look into structural fumigation. Structural fumigation is the most effective way to get into every single crack and crevice of your home where roaches may hide. A particularly stubborn or severe infestation could require this level of treatment.

It is possible to completely get rid of roaches in your home with the right type of treatment but they will not stay away forever. Once you eradicate the current infestation you need to stay proactive about keeping them away. You can do this with proper home maintenance, cleaning, and regularly scheduled pest control services.

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