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Pest Control for Restaurants in Tulare County

Posted on Sep 12, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

shutterstock_185000660Keeping your Tulare County property free from pests is one thing, but preventing critters and crawlies from coming into your restaurant is a whole different job because pests and people’s food do not mix at all. The stakes are much higher in a restaurant than in any other business to provide a pest free environment. It's not just about making the customers feel like the restaurant is a clean establishment but rather really making sure that the standards are high enough that pests do not become an issue. Pests will be drawn to a restaurant like a magnet because of food, water, and frequent deliveries. But diligent steps can be taken that prevent any potential pest problems from ever coming close to becoming an infestation.

Regular pest control inspection and treatment

Setting up a routine inspection and treatment with a pest professional that you trust is definitely a good idea. You want to be sure that all pest barriers and bait systems are in place so you never have to explain to a customer why she saw a cockroach skitter across the dining room floor while she bit into her tangy shrimp tacos.

Not only will a pest control technician treat your Tulare County restaurant, but they can also inspect your property for any potential places that could draw pests or allow them to enter your establishment. With professional eyes looking for potential pest pitfalls, and the restaurant staff sticking with basic good practices to keep the chances of attracting pests low, your restaurant should have the best chances of remaining pest free so your patrons can enjoy the food and atmosphere.

Basic best restaurant practices concerning food:

  • First In First Out for all food so it is used in a timely manner
  • Store all food in airtight containers
  • Have scheduled checks for pests in food

Concerning trash:

  • Keep trash collected and taken out promptly
  • Clean trash cans regularly
  • Have lids on all trash cans

Concerning water and basic cleaning:

  • Identify where water can accumulate on the ground and problem solve how to prevent this
  • Do not let water sit in sink overnight
  • Wipe down all surfaces after every use
  • Sweep under tables after every party leaves
  • Have a scheduled food storage check for pests 

Restaurant pest control

Experience in treating specifically restaurants gives a technician practice and knowledge of how best to eradicate a particular pest while maintaining safe conditions for serving food. When looking for the best pest control service, experience is key. An exterminator who knows what they are doing will be able to confidently reassure you how best to take care of the pest problem and guarantee the pests won’t be back. San Joaquin Pest Control in Visalia has been treating restaurants in the Tulare County community for decades. If you need pest control for your restaurant, do not hesitate to give San Joaquin Pest Control in Visalia a call today.

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