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Pest Control Tips to Get You Through the Winter

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Pest Control Tips to Get You Through the Winter | San Joaquin Pest ControlThere are a number of changes that the winter weather brings. The leaves on many of the trees are gone and the landscape often looks brown rather than green. These changes are welcomed by some and dreaded by others. Many elements of nature respond to the changes in the season. There are some parts of nature, however, that do not seem to notice the cooler weather at all. For example, some pests will continue to cause you problems all winter long with no signs of stopping. If you want to protect your home from the threat of pests this winter, keep reading to learn three pest control tips to get you through.

Do not let your guard down

There are many types of pest activity that seem to stop in the winter. Where are the mosquitoes and stinging insects? The reality is that some types of pests do die off or hide away during the winter. But that is not true of all pests. There are others – such as roaches – that make little to no changes in their activity during the winter. They may be even more motivated than normal to get into your home. The reality is that your home is a temperature-controlled environment where pests have access to food and water. It is the perfect place to hunker down during the winter. If you want to keep pests out of your home through the winter, you cannot let your guard down. It can be tempting to become more relaxed with your pest prevention efforts during the winter but that is a mistake that can lead to an infestation.

Be diligent with home maintenance tasks                                                      

Proper home maintenance is an important part of protecting your home from pests this winter. A leaky pipe can draw thirsty pests into your house. A small breach below a door can provide plenty of space for pests to squeeze through. Establish a routine that includes inspecting your property for problems and then make a plan to address those problems. This will be very helpful in keeping pests out of your home this winter.

Bring in professional help if you suspect a problem

If you suspect that your home already has a pest infestation, bring in professional help. You cannot count on the pests dying off or migrating because it is winter. They are going to continue to infest your home until you take action. The most effective and efficient way to eliminate pests from your home this winter is to bring in professional help.

Following these tips will help you make it through the winter without constantly fighting against pests. These three simple tips are easy to remember and can be implemented quickly with a little bit of proactive planning. If you need help dealing with pests in your home this winter, give San Joaquin Pest control a call.

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