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Real Estate Agents: What to Expect Out of a Termite Inspection

Posted on Nov 17, 2014 7:12:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

real-estate-agents-termite-inspectionTermites really are a natural marvel: how is it possible for creatures that are so small to cause so much destruction? Every single year, termites cause $30 billion dollars in damage in the United States alone.

Why does this matter to real estate agents? Because termites are most often found in the home, and their presence usually goes unnoticed for long periods of time. In fact, if it gets to the point where you actually see termites in the living areas of your home, there’s likely already a full-blown infestation present.

In order to secure that sale, you’re going to have to make sure a termite inspection is conducted for your listing. As you may know, many banks won’t approve a loan without first having a termite inspection report. Here’s what you can expect out of the inspection:

First things first: Hire a professional, not a standard inspector

Traditional home inspectors aren’t properly trained to identify all warning signs and indicators of termite infestation. Although they can spot the obvious signs, you need a pest control professional to accurately review the home.

The inspection

You should definitely be present for the inspection, and if a buyer is already lined up for the home, they might want to be present as well. The inspection should take about an hour, and the inspector will need access to every exterior and interior portion of the house.

During the inspection, the inspector will look for termites as well as carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles and wood-decaying fungus. They will also look for the physical evidence termites leave behind, such as discarded wings, “mud tubes,” or wood that sounds excessively hollow when struck. The inspection will be very thorough, going through every room of the home and into the roof structure as well.

Additionally, an inspector will look for signs of previous termite treatment, in case it occurred but was not disclosed by the seller. They will also identify any areas of concern that could lead to future termite problems, such as an overly damp basement, wooden portions of the home that touch the ground, and fallen trees or other wooden debris on the property.

After the inspection

Once the process is complete, the inspector will provide a written report detailing their findings. Should evidence of a current termite infestation be discovered, the inspector will likely also provide a recommendation for treatment.

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