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The Best Cockroach Control in Tulare County

Posted on Jun 27, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

shutterstock_2088444145When it comes to protecting your home from becoming overrun with pests, enemy number one has to be cockroaches. They can slide under any doorway and squirm through the tiniest crack to get inside your beloved home. A single cockroach can be responsible for laying up to 400 eggs in a single year. Warmer weather speeds up incubation time for the eggs as well, so more cockroaches can hatch quicker, producing cockroaches who can lay more eggs in your home. Treating your Tulare County home with products you can buy over the counter can be helpful in reducing the cockroach population. But if you do not get them all, the number of cockroaches can quickly rebound.


Cockroaches carry bacteria from sewers and other disgusting places right into your home. They can even hide inside the toilet bowl and scamper through all types of trash and filth. Cockroaches have even been known to eat food particles left on your toothbrush if not washed out properly. Bacteria such as listeria, E. Coli, and salmonella can creep onto your surfaces as a cockroach scours your home for food crumbs. An increase in allergies and asthma in those who already suffer from these respiratory problems is also affected by cockroaches because as they grow and shed their exoskeletons, the old skins get trampled and turn into dust that gets in the air.

If you have a cockroach problem, you want to ensure that your family never suffers from illness-inducing bacteria. Begin treatment fast after the first sign of cockroaches.

Treatment options

There are multiple over-the-counter treatment options for cockroaches that can help you kill these skittering critters yourself.

  • Insecticide spray kill on contact
  • Gel bait
  • Roach traps

These methods can be very effective for treating your home for current roachy roommates that are alive now. But if you want to get rid of all the cockroach eggs, any hard to reach infested areas, and create a barrier so the cockroaches never return, calling in an experienced professional pest control service is the best way to get rid of all cockroaches and keep them from returning.

Keeping up with good cleaning habits will help keep cockroaches from coming into your home in the first place. But having a messy neighbor can also lead to a cockroach infestation in your home even though it is completely outside your control. Treatment plans from a qualified, experienced pest control service can treat your home monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly to keep your home comfortable and pest free.

For Tulare County residents wanting the best pest control professionals to eliminate a cockroach infestation from their homes, give San Joaquin Pest Control in Visalia a call today.

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