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What Do Real Estate Agents Need to Determine From a Termite Inspection?

Posted on Oct 5, 2016 5:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Do Real Estate Agents Need to Determine From a Termite Inspection? | San Joaquin Pest ControlIf you’re a real estate agent, you may be wondering if you have to have a termite inspection. The answer is without a doubt, yes. As a real estate agent, it’s your responsibility to both the buyer and the seller to represent a house that is infestation free. Whether you represent the buyer or the seller, it’s important to your job to have happy customers who love their home. No one can feel the love in a house infested with termites.

Let’s talk termite inspections.Now you may be asking yourself, just what, exactly do real estate agents need to determine from a termite inspection?

A termite inspection is one of those necessary things you do before a house can be sold. The good news is that a termite inspection can give you peace of mind. The bad news is that a termite inspection can be the start of an extermination process. That isn’t all that bad, however, because at least all your bases are covered. There are two important things to remember when getting an inspection: get it early, and from a reputable company.

  • So what does the inspection entail?

 A professional will come to the property and look for signs of infestation. They will look for sagging ceilings or floors. They will also look for signs of molding or mildewing wood. They’ll also take a look around the structure, looking for telltale signs of termite damage. Determining if there’s an infestation can be as easy as spotting the swarm, or as hard as having to search the property around the house for possible infestation sources. These can include stacks of firewood, fallen tree branches, and even overgrown vegetation.

  • Anything else I should know?

 The termite inspector is going to need access to all areas of the house and property. They will need to check basements and attics, as well as the area surrounding the house.

  • What happens next?

 The inspector will provide you a report on their findings. If an infestation was found, they will have suggestions for the best course of action to eliminate the termites.

  • In conclusion

 If you’re representing the buyer of the house, your responsibility is to request a termite inspection before making an offer. If you’re representing the seller, it’s best to take care of the inspection before the buyer asks. Nothing like having all your ducks in a row to show you’re a competent real estate agent.

 No matter who you represent, it is your duty to make sure the house in question is free of termites and other pests that can harm the house.

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