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Posted on Apr 26, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

WHAT PROPERTY MANAGERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PEST CONTROL | San Joaquin Pest ControlWhether you manage office space, apartments, or single-family residences, hiring a professional pest control service is a must. A pest infestation can affect the health and general wellbeing of tenants, and, depending on the situation, could open you up to the risk of litigation if negligence is found surrounding a pest infestation. For all you dedicated, caring property managers out there, here are a few things you should know about pest control:


First of all, who is responsible for regular pest control for the property and grounds? In most cases, the burden falls on the landlord per the law or the contract. However, this can vary by state so be sure the landlord, property manager, and tenant are all crystal clear on who is responsible for what. 

If the landlord is to provide professional pest control services, it’s time to ask “who?” again – who is the most trusted, reputable pest control provider in your area? Be sure to do your due diligence in this area; ask other property managers, landlords, and business owners who they use and why. The more information and recommendations you have, the more informed you will be to make a decision that is beneficial for all parties. 


What are the pests common to your geographic region that might pose a threat to your tenants and the structures you manage? If you’ve already chosen a pest control professional, they will be a great resource to learn what pests to be on the lookout for. Once you know what to look for, you can inform tenants of warning signs that should trigger an immediate call to the property manager so a professional can be scheduled to come out right away.


Be aware of the different areas of the property that will require pest control - pests are not just an indoor nuisance that affects your tenants or the structure. Infestations can also be present in outside areas such as lawns, gardens, and walkways. Standing directly under a wasp nest while trying to enter your apartment can be painful for the tenant who gets stung and has no reaction… and can be deadly for a tenant who is allergic to wasps. Untreated pest infestations on plants and the lawn can create unnecessary expenses for the landlord, so it’s important that the property as a whole is monitored.


Just as in a private residence or commercial business setting, frequency and consistency is key when it comes to pest control for tenant-occupied structures. A professional pest control provider will perform a full evaluation of the individual needs of the properties in order to develop an Integrated Pest Management program. The frequency and type of service will be tailored to the needs of the landlord and tenants to provide the best protection possible for all involved.


Knowing the “why” makes a difference for most everything we do in life. As a property manager, property owners trust you with some of their most valuable assets. Tenants trust you to collaborate with the landlord to provide a safe environment for them to live and work in. Doing your due diligence when contracting a professional pest control service is a great way to serve both the landlord and the tenants with excellence. 

As a property manager, it’s important to be informed about the risk pests present to the properties you care for as well as the tenants. Once you find a pest control professional to service your properties, be sure you continue to inform and educate the tenants on how you are working to protect them as well as where their responsibility lies when it comes to keeping a space pest-free. If you manage properties in the San Joaquin Valley, call San Joaquin Pest Control to schedule a property evaluation by a top-notch pest control professional.

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