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When Should I Have My Home Inspected for Termites?

Posted on Mar 28, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

shutterstock_1048924571As we go through the seasons of a year, our activity is often determined by the weather. Even though termites are active throughout the year, their behavior can also change with each season, providing different signs and ideal times to have your home inspected. Termites can be chomping away at your home unnoticed for a long time before you realize the damage they have done. Having a regular termite inspection by a professional can keep you from paying thousands in repairs. Keeping a sharp eye out for possible signs of termites can also help keep your home safe from this destructive infestation. If you are asking yourself, “When should I have my home inspected for termites?” you may not find only one answer. But there are certainly different benefits to scheduling a termite inspection at particular times of the year.

Typical signs of termites

Termites can silently eat your home throughout the year completely unnoticed because they are repelled by light. Because termites stay hidden, the signs of termites are subtle and you must know what to look for. A few signs of termites include:

  • Floor or wood around windows that are blistered, warped, or appear to have water damage.
  • Shed wings on exterior window sills.
  • Piles of sawdust under wooden furniture, woodwork, or behind wall hangings.
  • Woodwork appears papery thin or hollow
  • Clicking sounds at night
  • Mud tubes on the foundation or under the house

It is also important to know the difference between winged termites known as swarmers and winged ants. Distinctions between ants and termites are:

  • Ants have a wasp-like or pinched waist while termites bodies go straight back from their heads
  • Ant wings have two sets with the top set longer than the bottom. Termites have two sets of wings but both sets are similar in size.
  • Ants have bent or elbowed antennae while termites’ antennae are straight.

Termite habits in winter and spring

Termites are always eating in every season, but they often slow down and become less active in winter. Termite activity mainly consists of eating your home so this slow down is definitely a good thing. This is an excellent time to have your home inspected so that there is less damage done before spring rolls around.

In spring, termites start wanting to expand their colonies significantly. They lay eggs in wet wood. When April showers bring May flowers, you want to make sure April weather isn’t soaking any wood in your home, providing the perfect place for a termite nursery. Spring is also the time for the swarmers to leave the nest to find a mate and a new place to set up shop. Because of all the activity, spring is also a wonderful time to have a termite inspection because the discarded wings of swarmers and the growing size of the colony are easy things to spot by a trained termite exterminator.

Another good time for an inspection

Another time to have a termite inspection that has nothing to do with the weather is when you are buying a home. You will want to know that an experienced pest control technician has thoroughly inspected the property that you are about to purchase. After you buy the home, you can set up a yearly inspection going forward to ensure your home stays termite free.

If you are in Visalia, CA and need to set up an initial inspection and a yearly treatment plan, call the friendly team at San Joaquin Pest Control in Visalia today!

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