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Should I Get a Pest Inspection on My New Home?

There are so many things to think about when buying a new home. You have to find a place that works for your needs and fits within your price range. Once you have found a house it is important to have it checked out by professionals so you know that everything is working as it should. It is common practice to have an inspection done on elements of your home such as the foundation, roof, HVAC, and other major systems. But, did you know that you can also have your new home inspected for pests before you move in? With so many things to think about during the home buying process it can be easy to ignore the possibility of pests in your new home but a pest problem will be impossible to ignore after you move in. A professional pest inspection on your new home can save you a lot of trouble in the future by helping you protect your investment and your family.

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Considering Structural Fumigation if You Have a Termite Problem

Structural fumigation is a major process that is only done in response to a serious infestation. One of the most common types of infestations treated with structural fumigation is termites. But, is it really necessary to take such drastic measures to get rid of termites? Structural fumigation is not the only option for eradicating termites but it could be the most effective option if you have a severe problem. There are three main reasons why it could be in your best interest to consider structural fumigation for your termite problem.

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Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare my House to be Fumigated?

Structural fumigation is a big undertaking that is done in response to a major infestation. It can be necessary for a variety of infestation types such as termites and bed bugs. Both of these pests are known for being difficult to eradicate and there are times when structural fumigation is the only option. If there is another type of pest infestation that has grown into a severe problem then fumigation may also be necessary. No matter the reason behind requiring this type of intervention, there are some things you need to do to prepare your house to be fumigated.

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What is Commodity Fumigation and When Is It Needed?

Regular visitors to our blog are intimately familiar with fumigation, the extermination weapon of choice for termites (and occasionally bed bugs). But we’re normally discussing your normal, run-of-the-mill home fumigation. A big circus tent goes over your home, it’s pumped full of chemicals, and a few days later you return to a pest-free home. Pretty simple, right?

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Are Structural Fumigation Services Worth the Cost?

What brought you here? Was it a termite problem? Bed bugs? Or are you merely a big fan of Breaking Bad? I ask because there are only a few specific instances where a structural fumigation is needed. So if your online searches have brought you here, you’re probably looking for a way out. I bet you need a fumigation and are trying to find an online source that says you don’t.

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Do Restaurants Ever Need Structural Fumigation Services?

Restaurants hold a very high standard of cleanliness; they have to because of the strict regulations by the government over food safety. Not only are there strict regulations but restaurants also have to stay clean and pest free to ensure that customers receive the best experience possible. One sighting of an ant or cockroach and the restaurant can risk loosing customers or even be shut down by the health department.

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Is Structural Fumigation the Best Solution for a Termite Infestation?

I won’t bury the lead: structural fumigation is the most effective way to fight a termite infestation. But does that mean it’s the best? Well, it depends what your definition of “best” is.

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7 Things You Should Know About Structural Fumigation

What do you know about structural fumigation? Probably not as much as I do, but then again, I work for a pest control company.

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Is Structural Fumigation Toxic?

The ultimate goal of any pest control is to keep the pests out, but what do you do if they make it in? Depending on how severe the infestation is, you may have to have an exterminator come out and do some spraying. In a worst case scenario, you’ll have to invest in structural fumigation. Despite the fact that structural fumigation is not an overly rare practice, a lot of people still have a lot of questions about it. One question that tends to come up is whether or not structural fumigation is toxic. The answer: yes. Structural fumigation is toxic, and it has to be in order to get rid of the infestation.

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Why Do Food Processing Facilities Need Commodity Fumigation?

If you manage a food processing facility, the last thing you want is pests crawling all over your products when you ship them off. It’s unsanitary, and if the product is covered in bugs by the time it gets to the retailer, then you could be in a lot of trouble. This is why food processing facilities need commodity fumigation. Commodity fumigation is a safe and effective way to maintain the integrity of whatever food product you are processing and shipping off.

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